Fairway Deep Aeration Service

We generally complete 20 plus acres per day using 2 fairway aerators, in some cases and when necessary we will send 3 or 4 machines to the job.  Our fairway aerator has great hole quality with minimal surface disruption.  Fairway aeration is ideally scheduled in late winter or early spring when the soil still has adequate moisture levels.  Solid tines can be done as early as late February with no problems and core aeration usually begins in March.  Take advantage of this great process for your fairway turf aeration needs.

Our fairway deep aeration solid tine is 3/4” by 10” depth and we generally run six to seven inches into the profile depending on soil conditions.  Core aeration on fairways is done with either, 3/4” by 10” coring tines or 1” by 8” coring tines.  We generally run six inches deep into the soil on six inch spacing’s.

Greens Deep Aeration Service

Turf Specialties uses the latest and most advanced turf aeration equipment.  In addition to our original Aeromax aeration machine we also use the new GA 600 Jacobsen aerator in our contract aeration service.  Both of these aerating machines utilize the original Perfect Strike technology which we developed and patented in Aeromax LLC.

Our Perfect Strike aerators give the best deep aeration hole quality and playability after aeration.  These aerating machines strike deep into the soil profile relieving compaction, creating an exchange of gasses and oxygen, and creating a void for deep rooting while minimizing surface disruption and leaving the greens surface firm and playable after aeration.

Our turf aeration machines were designed specifically for the new ultra dwarf grasses and are specific to our services.   The perfect strike of the aeration tines eliminates heaving and distorted hole quality and does not soften the playing surface. These aerating machines also follow contours extremely well due to the rear placement of the roller so hole quality stays consistent across the entire surface.

Our Aer Strike tine assembly is unique to the industry and eliminates the need to double aerate  greens with a shallow aerator after deep tinning.  With Aer Strike attachment we can deep solid tine greens on 4” centers and conventional tine greens using either coring or solid tines on 2” centers, all in a single pass with a synchronized 2” pattern overall.  This is new to the industry and was developed and patented by Aeromax LLC.

Turf Specialties greens deep aeration services consist of both deep solid tinning greens and deep core aeration along with core removal.

Polo Field Aeration Service

Our turf aeration service will greatly enhance the turf quality of your polo fields.  These fields are under much stress due to compaction from the horse traffic and also from the maintenance equipment.  Relieving the deep soil compaction with our aeration service will improve drainage, and promote strong healthy roots, this will improve turf density and provide a better playing surface, reducing potential injury to the ponies.  Many of the newer polo fields are sand based and this is an excellent medium for core aeration.  Core aerating these sand based fields will not only relieve compaction but will also bring up large volumes of sand that can be re incorporated as top dressing without having to purchase the sand material.

We generally use core aeration tines 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter and also solid tines from 1/2 to 3/4  inch diameter, aeration depth is 6 to 8 inches depending on conditions.

Sports Field Aeration Service

Deep tine aeration for your playing fields is a must to reduce excess compaction brought on by the amount of play and foot traffic these areas receive.

Our turf aeration services will relieve compaction and improve drainage for a better oxygenated soil, which improves your turf quality for better playing conditions and, more importantly, for reducing injury. We aerate all types of athletic fields including baseball fields, football fields and soccer fields.

Tree Root Pruning

We will cut tree roots extending out into your playing areas with absolutely no damage to the turf and no clean up required after the process. This will enhance the health of your turf grass by reducing the competition for water and nutrients. A combined approach of tree root pruning and deep solid tinning can be very effective for improving turf in these problem areas. We can usually complete all 18 holes of fairways and around greens and tee boxes in one day, and if requested, the deep solid tinning can be done simultaneously.

This is a great service and recommended by the USGA as an important annual service since tree roots can extend out from the tree as much as 2 to 3 times the tree height, and the majority of fine feeder roots are in the upper few inches of the soil.

Our tree root pruning service is done in the winter months and into late spring.  It is best to have adequate soil moisture for this service.